Immersed in an olive grove and surrounded by oak trees, Maraviglia's palpable energy offers a truly healing experience.

Rebalance, Reconnect, Retreat

Maraviglia is the family home where owner, Francesco Piattelli, spent all of his childhood. After leaving Italy to go to school and start a business in NYC, what he noticed was a need for stillness in the frenetic big city lifestyle. He craved an escape Away from the scattered interactions, high pressure jobs, unbalanced eating, and above all, stress. This inner desire lead him back to his hometown. He found that country living embodies all the power to heal.

Community is the core

Discover tranquillity in the natural pace of rural lifestyle and balance in the quality of locally grown organic food.

Maraviglia became a place for him to practice mindfulness and gratitude, strengthening the belief that living in a healthy, balanced, natural manner is a way to make positive change for ourselves and for the ecosystems in which we live.

Home cooked meals with produce from the surrounding garden, an abundantly lush landscape, warm greetings from nearby neighbors and best of all, total silence.

But how could he share this replenishing experience with others? The need to create this kind of safe space led Francesco to rediscover the magic in Maraviglia, a place where guests can live true to their ideals and honest with themselves. A peaceful place conducive to growth and sharing.

Organic food philosophy

Country living embodies all the qualities that have the power to heal, instill tranquillity and balance in your bodies and minds. The nourishing and beneficial quality of our locally grown organic food will immediately pleasure your taste buds, cleanse your mind and detox your body.

The total absence of sound and noise pollution will make you sink deep into rejuvenating sleeps, putting you back in touch with your dreams and soothing your subconscious so stirred up from city stress.

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