Heal yourself by connecting with nature and deepening your practice in our marvelous hill-top farm. Yoga, Herbalism & Self Care. May 17 - 22, 2019

You are exactly where you need to be.

Maraviglia's centenary olive grove, the fragrant lavender, its tall oaks and the mineral soil offer a palpable grounding and motherly energy; you will feel it the moment you drop your suitcase and take in the scented air... Six days, five nights of complete immersion in our very own rural escape, practicing yoga daily and reconnecting with nature through herbalism and self care.

Where yoga shines light, herbs heal.

As you unwind and ground yourself with a gentle, rebalancing Hatha Yoga & Yoga Nidra daily practice, we will guide you to rediscover and connect with nature. You will learn to recognize and work with the plants and medicinal herbs spontaneously growing around Maraviglia. A routine of nature walks and potion cooking will teach you the power and the benefits of making your own natural remedies.

Nourish yourself farm to table- literally.

All of our food is locally sourced from neighbors, local farms, and our own vegetable garden. Our chef picks what is served day by day based on the available and freshest produce. Having grown up cooking in Italian kitchens, we embrace Tuscan Vegetarian cuisine. During your stay, between yoga, meals, herb walks, and plenty of time to rest, schedule a private complementary health consult with a naturopathic doctor.


The practice

The yoga practice during this retreat is all about unravelling and grounding into the home of our body. We start our mornings sitting in nature, sipping our own picked herbal tea before we listen to the call of stillness asking the mind to settle. Through meditation, breathing practices and moving through solid shapes - we will connect with nature and embody the earthy qualities of Maraviglia’s surroundings.

The learning:

Our herbal journey will consist of daily explorations and nature walks where you will be mesmerized by the quantity of natural remedies that grow spontaneously around us. Nature is powerful and finds its way in the most unexpected places, these precious learnings can be brought home and applied even if you’re not living in the lush tuscan countryside.

You will also learn to make your very own natural products during 3 workshops:

1- A strengthening, revitalizing rosemary ointment to give you energy throughout the day and help your body recover after exercise.

2- A sage deodorant with essential oils. Essential oils will be chosen based on your very own personality type.

3- A scented balm of mixed herbs, beeswax and olive oil to instantly relieve you from mosquito bite itching, burns and skin irritation.

Naturopathic Consult

During your time at Maraviglia, there will be time to schedule a naturopathic wellness consult with Dr. Maria Geyman. Feel free to discuss health and lifestyle concerns and explore ways to move forward using nutrition, botanicals, and natural medicine.

The exploring:

Based on the weather and on what our heart desires we can choose to take a group trip to a couple hidden pearls of tuscany… Either a dive into some Thermal Baths with a spectacular view and charming little town to explore, or a hike to visit a monastic hermitage in the forest where the monks make their own herbal remedies.

Your Teachers

Sophie Fleur

Fascinated by the succession of events that come together in our lives by “coincidence”, Sophie Fleur has always been triggered by people crossing her path and the energies they bring. Through mindful listening and an open hearted approach she naturally guides people through the process of peeling away the layers, and ultimately shows them their authentic loving self.

Her classes are playful and energizing, and emphasize on the power and feeling of your own body. Moving through forms, with the structural integration of body, mind and breath, internal space is offered for healing. She teaches to the level of the group and adjusts hands on for a safe practice. Expect to leave class feeling open, flexible, and centered with a strong core, and calm mind.

Sophie Fleur also teaches Restorative, Yin and Nidra classes in which poses are being held longer, allowing the body to travel deeper into the connective tissue and joints. Physical and mental obstacles are being released and cleared, in order for the body to arrive in a state of full relaxation.

Soleil Jongert

Young Soleil played between the trees and bushes for days, collecting plants from which she made food to serve her family. Creating something from these tiny appearances, filled her with pride and gratitude. However, as we grow older and life transforms with us, some of our interests pass away…

Twenty years later, Soleil observed a woman preparing a bath in the middle of the jungle on Hawaii. She was intrigued. The woman explained, it was an herbal bath to rejuvenate her body. This moment touched a chord within Soleil. Suddenly the fascination for plants came back and she was reminded of the intrinsic love for plants which had always been there.

Back in Amsterdam she exchanged her beautiful apartment for a life in nature. She picked up reading books, planting an herbal garden and even found a mentor who wanted to share her knowledge of plants. Teaching her how to recognize local herbs, how to prepare and use them for medicinal purposes, Soleil felt sure of her path. She started an intimate dialogue with plants and never looked back.

Last year Soleil opened a restaurant where she creates nourishing dishes from the herbs she collects. By sharing stories with her visitors she wants to acquaint people with the plant’s healing powers. The Wildians is her latest project in which she offers a complete plant-based supplement.

Her dream is to expand the use of plants even more. To make people comfortable adding herbs into their lives. To let them see their value, feel connected and treat herbs as living beings.

Maria Geyman

Maria Geyman ND is a board-certified naturopathic physician with a practice in New York City. She focuses on natural approaches to common health care concerns ranging from skin care and digestion to anxiety and hormonal issues. Her herbal tea, Masha Tea is in shops and cafes in New York City and Los Angeles. In additional to her clinical work, she teaches Nutrition, Pathology, and Anatomy at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Manhattan.


€300 Early Bird discount valid until March 1st

€1300/per person - Triple Occupany (3 PX/ROOM)

€1400/per person - Double Occupancy (2 PX/ROOM)

On Request - Single Occupancy (1 PX/ROOM)

Prices include 3 delicious organic vegetarian meals per day and full access to our property including yoga shala in the woods and infinity pool.

Daily Schedule

8:00 am

Wake up and Reconnect - Morning yoga and meditation

9:30 am


10:30 am

Harvesting, Massages, Nature Walk, Organic Garden Visits, Free time

1:00 pm

Organic Vegetarian Lunch

2:00 pm

Siesta! (...or as we say in Tuscany "pisolino")

4:00 pm

Afternoon alternating activities: Workshops, Excursions, Restorative Yoga

8:00 pm

Organic Vegetarian Dinner

9:00 pm

Chat, share, read, sleep.

Any questions or doubts?

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