The ancient village of Bagno Vignoni is located in the heart of Tuscany, in the Val d'Orcia Natural Park.

Thanks to the Via Francigena (which was the main route followed by pilgrims in antiquity who went to Rome), these thermal waters were found and have been used since Roman times. At the heart of the village is the “Square of sources”, namely a rectangular tank, of sixteenth-century origin, which contains the original source of water that comes from the subterranean aquifer of volcanic origins. Since the Etruscans and Romans - as evidenced by the numerous archaeological finds - the spa of Bagno Vignoni was attended by eminent personalities such as Pope Pius II, Saint Catherine of Siena, Lorenzo the Magnificent and many other artists who had elected the village as their main holiday resort.

This perfectly preserved town makes a great visit for 3 reasons:

1 The ride from Maraviglia to Bagno Vignoni is breathtaking… driving through the Val d’Orcia is quite an experience and great spot to stop and take yoga pics on the hay stacks ;)

2 The water comes straight from the earth, its super hot and incredibly good for skin and muscles.

3 The town is a gem, has fantastic food options, great to explore and to take scenic hikes around.